This is a collection of 150 songs that the Israelites sang to God and each other. It is a type of hymnal record for the ancient Israelites.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Blessed is the man who doesn’t walk with the wicked, whose desire is in God’s law. He’s like[...]

Chapter 2

2. Why do the rulers plot against the Lord and those he’s anointed? The Lord laughed and said to[...]

Chapter 3

3. O Lord, how many foes do I have? But you shield me and have broken the teeth of my[...]

Chapter 4

4. Answer me when I call you, O God! How long will you seek lies, O people? Put your trust[...]

Chapter 5

5. Hear my cry, God! You hate the wicked. Lead me in righteousness because of my foes. Let[...]

Chapter 6

6. Have mercy on me, O Lord! My soul is suffering. I cry all night! Alienate me from the[...]

Chapter 7

7. O God, save me from those after me. Arise in Judgment. The Lord has prepared his weapons[...]

Chapter 8

8. O God, how majestic is your name on all earth! What is a man that you care for? Yet you[...]

Chapter 9

9. I will praise you, O God! You have rebuked the nations, and you will judge the world with[...]

Chapter 10

10. O God, why are you far? The wicked are hunting the weak. He says, “God will never see.[...]

Chapter 11

11. I take refuge in the Lord. How can you say, “Flee like a bird?” God hates the wicked[...]

Chapter 12

12. Help, O God! The godly are no more. Everyone lies! “I will protect the weak,” says[...]

Chapter 13

13. How long, O God? Will you forget me forever? Answer me and give light to my eyes! But I[...]

Chapter 14

14. A fool says in his heart, “There is no God. There’s no one who does good. Will[...]

Chapter 15

15. God, who may dwell in your sanctuary? He who walk is blameless, who doesn’t slander,[...]

Chapter 16

16. Protect me, O Lord! I have no good besides you. The Lord is my portion. I won’t be[...]

Chapter 17

17. Hear a just cause, O God. My steps have held to your ways. Hide me under your wings and[...]

Chapter 18

18. The Lord is my rock. When I called, he thundered from heaven and saved me from my foes.[...]

Chapter 19

19. The heavens declare God’s glory. God’s law is perfect, making wise the simple. May[...]

Chapter 20

20. May God answer you when in trouble, and may he remember your offerings! God saves his[...]

Chapter 21

21. O God, the king rejoices in your strength. You set a crown upon his head, and you will[...]

Chapter 22

22. O God, have you forsaken me? I’m despised, and they’ve pierced my hands. You’ve[...]

Chapter 23

23. The Lord is my shepherd, and he leads me on the paths of righteousness. I’ll fear no[...]

Chapter 24

24. The earth belongs to God. He who has a pure heart will receive the blessings. Lift up[...]

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