About ORI

Where faith and history intertwine, unveiling the Holy Land's secrets through mesmerizing cinematic experiences.

Our team includes filmmakers, historians, and clergy from different denominations, all committed to sharing the wisdom of the Bible with everyone.

Discover the stories of all 66 books of the Bible like never before with our cinematic presentations. We make learning engaging and memorable by using moving footage, aerial shots, and beautiful locations. Join our guided tour series, Travel Samaritan, to virtually experience sacred sites like Jerusalem and Capernaum. We know how important it is to understand the Bible, so we've created a complete experience with scripture, music, images, and words. Whether you're young or old, our journey will deepen your faith and knowledge.

We saw the need and decided to embark on a journey of collecting images to use as powerful learning tools, but not just still images. It was important to us to film the locations and use the moving image to create a lasting impression. Re-enactments are entertaining, but filming different angles, aerial photography, and capturing hard to reach places made a huge difference in making learning exciting. The video camera could provide a perspective so unique, showing what we normally cannot see and take us to places we normally cannot physically experience.

Our Mission

Come with us on this transformative quest to explore the Holy Land and connect with its timeless wisdom. Together, let's embark on a journey of faith and discovery that you can carry with you wherever you go. Start your adventure with ORI Vision of the Bible today and experience the power of the scriptures firsthand.

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