Micah rebukes the leaders of Judah and Israel for their injustice and prophecies that the Lord himself will one day rule in perfect justice.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

If judgment comes early, we have a chance of escape. Many think that if they escape scrutiny then[...]

Chapter 2

We might look down on these people as wicked schemers of evil (2:1-2), but the warning is before us.

Chapter 3

Governmental, commercial and religious leaders were corrupt. Money seemed to dictate their society[...]

Chapter 4

"Our enthusiasm for others than the appointed leader over the remnant is a bad mistake. Leaders[...]

Chapter 5

God despises man’s great projects. They will melt down into nothingness. They bragged of horses[...]

Chapter 6

Look not to those who depend on lent authority, but on the issuer of all authority and power. [...]

Chapter 7

Our second chance is right now. Take it. Too many have shuffled off an immediate response to the[...]

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