A shepherd named Amos preaches against the injustices of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

1. Amos is a sheep breeder and a simple farmer with no theological or prophetic training.[...]

Chapter 2

2. I will send fire upon Judah and Moab. I will also punish Israel for they sell the poor[...]

Chapter 3

3. The Israelites have not fulfilled their responsibilities as the people of God. God will[...]

Chapter 4

4. Women referred to as “the cows of Bashan” have oppressed the needy and demanded wine[...]

Chapter 5

5. The virgin Israel has fallen, and its people will be taken captive. The Lord who made the[...]

Chapter 6

6. Woe to those at ease in Zion and those living luxurious lives. God promises to raise a[...]

Chapter 7

7. Amos had visions of locusts, fire, and a plumb line to see if the Israelites were[...]

Chapter 8

8. Amos had another vision of summer fruit which signified the end had come for Israel.[...]

Chapter 9

9. Amos had a vision of God at the temple overlooking the destruction work. Israelites will[...]

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