God sends the prophet Jeremiah to warn the Israelites of the coming captivity in Babylon, and the people don’t take the news too well.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Jeremiah is appointed as a prophet to all nations. The Lord informs him that he was sanctified in[...]

Chapter 2

2. The Lord tells Jeremiah: Go and proclaim, “My people have forsaken me and exchanged[...]

Chapter 3

3. Israel is compared to an adulterous husband where God complained of the high places they[...]

Chapter 4

4. Flee to safety and circumcise your hearts as I’m bringing disaster and destruction from[...]

Chapter 5

5. Judah and Israel have been completely unfaithful to me. My people have rebelled against[...]

Chapter 6

6. Jerusalem and Judah will be made desolate and punished for their sins by a distant nation[...]

Chapter 7

7. Proclaim at the temple. Has this house become a den of thieves? I sent prophets to warn[...]

Chapter 8

8. The bones of the kings, priests, and princes of Judah will be exhumed and left for dung[...]

Chapter 9

9. The Lord says, “No one speaks the truth. I will scatter the people among the heathens[...]

Chapter 10

10. Do not learn the ways of other nations as the Lord is the one true God. Listen, a great[...]

Chapter 11

11. Both Judah and Israel have broken my covenant, and I will punish them by bringing[...]

Chapter 12

12. O God, why do the wicked prosper? I’ve left my house, and many shepherds have ruined[...]

Chapter 13

13. The Lord told Jeremiah to hide a sash inside the rocks. The rock is marred after a few[...]

Chapter 14

14. Jeremiah surveys the famine and admits the sins on behalf of the people. He intercedes[...]

Chapter 15

15. God tells Jeremiah to send the people away from His presence. Widows shall languish and[...]

Chapter 16

16. Because of the evils that threaten, Jeremiah is forbidden to marry or have a family.[...]

Chapter 17

17. Cursed are the people who trust in a man, and blessed are those who trust in the Lord.[...]

Chapter 18

18. The house of Israel is like clay in the hands of a potter. The people are called to[...]

Chapter 19

19. Jerusalem and Judah will be broken just like the potter’s vessel since they have[...]

Chapter 20

20. The governor of the temple, Pashur, captures Jeremiah and places him in the stocks. When[...]

Chapter 21

21. A vision of when Zedekiah was king. The people are advised to submit to[...]

Chapter 22

22. The king of Judah must execute righteousness and judgment and protect the poor. If he[...]

Chapter 23

23. The Lord will raise a righteous branch of David. The prophets prophesy false hopes which[...]

Chapter 24

24. A vision after Jeconiah had been taken away captive. The vision entails the good figs[...]

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