God sends his prophet Isaiah to warn the Israelites of their future judgment and inform them

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

1. Isaiah prophesied: The Lord has spoken, “I raised children, but they’ve rebelled[...]

Chapter 2

2. The mountain of God will be established. On that day, the pride of men will be humbled.[...]

Chapter 3

3. The Lord will take away all support from Jerusalem and Judah, and the children shall[...]

Chapter 4

4. On that day, the branch of the Lord shall be glorious. Those left in Zion will be called[...]

Chapter 5

5. Israel is like a vineyard that yields wild grapes. Woe to those who follow drinking and[...]

Chapter 6

6. I had a vision and saw the Lord seated on high. A seraph brought a lump of coal to my[...]

Chapter 7

7. Ephraim plotted with Aram, and the Lord sent Isaiah to King Ahaz. He informed him that a[...]

Chapter 8

8. The floodwaters of Assyria will overflow the land, and many men will fall and be snared.[...]

Chapter 9

9. A child will be born to us, and his government will increase forever. The Lord will raise[...]

Chapter 10

10. Woe unto those who rob the poor of justice and to Assyria, whose only purpose is to[...]

Chapter 11

11. A shoot will result from Jesse. He’ll judge with righteousness, and the wolf will[...]

Chapter 12

12. On that day, you’ll say, “I will praise you, O God! Your anger has turned away.[...]

Chapter 13

13. The oracle concerning Babylon: Listen, God is gathering an army. I’ll punish the world[...]

Chapter 14

14. God will choose Israel again. How you are defeated, O Satan! You’ll be cast away like[...]

Chapter 15

15. The burden against Moab. The soldiers and cities of Moab will fall under a night attack.[...]

Chapter 16

16. A throne will be made from David’s house. We’ve heard of the pride of Moab, and[...]

Chapter 17

17. The burden concerning Damascus: Damascus will become ruins, and Jacob will be brought[...]

Chapter 18

18. Ethiopia's help is not needed to deal with Assyria. God will cut off Assyria’s springs[...]

Chapter 19

19. The burden against Egypt: God will hand the Egyptians over to a cruel master. They’ll[...]

Chapter 20

20. God spoke through Isaiah and commanded them to go naked. As he’s naked, so shall the[...]

Chapter 21

21. The burden against the wilderness of the sea (Babylon). An army from Persia matches[...]

Chapter 22

22. The burden against the Valley of Vision (Jerusalem). An army will attack Jerusalem, and[...]

Chapter 23

23. The burden against Tyre. The sailors will wail when they hear of the destruction of[...]

Chapter 24

24. Behold, God lays the earth to waste. Its people are held guilty, and fear, pit, and[...]

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