Hosea is instructed to marry a harlot who leaves him, and he must bring her back. This is a sign of God’s relationship with his people.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

1. God told Hosea to marry a prostitute to indicate how the people have committed harlotry[...]

Chapter 2

2. Israel is referred to as an adulterous wife and her children harlotry children. The Lord[...]

Chapter 3

3. God commands Hosea to go back and love Gomer. He buys her fifteen shekels. The Israelites[...]

Chapter 4

4. The land will mourn, and all inhabitants shall waste away. The priests are ineffective[...]

Chapter 5

5. God said to the people, “Hear this, O priests, O kings! Israel will stumble in his[...]

Chapter 6

6. Let us return to the Lord. He has punished us, but He will come to us like rain.[...]

Chapter 7

7. Israelites think that God has forgotten their sins and wickedness. Their hearts are[...]

Chapter 8

8. God is angered by the idols such as Samaria’s calf. They sow the wind and reap the[...]

Chapter 9

9. Due to their transgressions, the days of punishment have come. Egypt shall punish Israel,[...]

Chapter 10

10. Israel has an empty vine and a throne. Their high places will be desolated, and thorn[...]

Chapter 11

11. Ephraim is likened to an ungrateful child in response to God’s loving care with[...]

Chapter 12

12. Though they are confident in their wealth, God will humble them. Their idols are vanity.[...]

Chapter 13

13. God did not bless Israelites when they worshipped Baal, but they never ceased. They are[...]

Chapter 14

14. Israel should repent and acknowledge that Assyria cannot save them. The Lord will save[...]

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