God chooses Ezekiel to speak for Him in Israel. He tells Ezekiel to tell the Israelites the error of their ways and their sins and teach them justice.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

1. Ezekiel saw visions of God. Out of a fierce storm came four creatures with every wing[...]

Chapter 2

2. God addressed Ezekiel as the son of a man. The Lord said that the Israelites have sinned.[...]

Chapter 3

3. God commanded Ezekiel to eat the scroll and was appointed the watchman. If he doesn’t[...]

Chapter 4

4. Ezekiel represented Jerusalem with a tile and used models of a fort and an iron pan to[...]

Chapter 5

5. God commanded Ezekiel to shave and prophesy that a third of the people shall die of[...]

Chapter 6

6. God commands Ezekiel to face the mountains and prophesy against Israel. Its high places[...]

Chapter 7

7. Ezekiel prophesied, “The end has come! I will punish all for your sins. Gold and silver[...]

Chapter 8

8. Ezekiel is carried in spirit to Jerusalem and shown the idolatries carried out by the[...]

Chapter 9

9. Six men from the north, ready for slaughter, appear. A few pious people are marked on[...]

Chapter 10

10. This chapter repeats the vision from chapter one. Coals of fire are picked from between[...]

Chapter 11

11. God’s judgment is delivered against Jerusalem’s remnant, who mocked the prophecies[...]

Chapter 12

12. God instructs Ezekiel to move his stuff from one place to another, showing how the[...]

Chapter 13

13. Judgment is given against the prophets who give false hopes of security and peace. The[...]

Chapter 14

14. God threatens the hypocrites who pretend to worship Him while also worshipping false[...]

Chapter 15

15. God told Ezekiel, “Son of man, is wood taken from the vine to make anything? I’ve[...]

Chapter 16

16. God told the people, “Jerusalem, I made you prosper, but you played the whore with[...]

Chapter 17

17. A riddle is given: “An eagle planted a vine, but it grew towards another eagle. Israel[...]

Chapter 18

18. God said, “If a man is righteous, he shall live, and if just, he shall live. If a son[...]

Chapter 19

19. Lament for the princes of Israel. Jerusalem is likened to a lioness with cubs. One cub[...]

Chapter 20

20. Israel’s elders came to ask Ezekiel’s advice. God ordered Ezekiel to remind them of[...]

Chapter 21

21. God tells Ezekiel, “Son of man, the prophecy against Israel. A sword is already[...]

Chapter 22

22. “Jerusalem is a city that will shed blood. In you, they oppress the widows and[...]

Chapter 23

23. Samaria and Jerusalem are likened to two harlots, sisters who committed whoredom in[...]

Chapter 24

24. Jerusalem is likened to the scum in a pot of boiling water with meat and bones in it.[...]

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