Happens during the exile of the Israelites and retells the story of Queen Esther, a Jew who saves her people from an evil plan to destroy them. She must face the emperor to ask for help.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

King Ahasuerus rules Persia and holds a feast to celebrate. Queen Vashti holds a simultaneous[...]

Chapter 2

Mordecai raised Esther, and together with many virgins, she was brought to the King’s harem. She[...]

Chapter 3

King Ahasuerus promoted Haman, who gained respect, but Morcedai would not bow to him. Haman became[...]

Chapter 4

Mordecai and the rest of the Jews learned about the decree and mourned with ashes and sack[...]

Chapter 5

Esther visits the king, who welcomes her and holds out his scepter to her to show that she will[...]

Chapter 6

The king learns that Mordecai had never been rewarded for saving his life. He asked Haman to lead a[...]

Chapter 7

Esther begs that her life and those of the Jews be spared. The king is angry to hear of the[...]

Chapter 8

The king gives his ring to Mordecai and assumes his place. Esther is given his property and sends[...]

Chapter 9

On the day of annihilation, the Jews destroyed their enemies by killing 75,000. Following the[...]

Chapter 10

Ahasuerus’ empire grows strong, and Mordecai becomes a powerful and popular ruler under the[...]

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