Songs of Solomon

This collection of love songs celebrates lover, desire, and marriage. It presents the ideal love that should exist between a man and a woman in marriage. It also serves as a metaphor for the love that exists between God and his people.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

1. Song attributed to Solomon. Let him kiss me with his mouth’s kisses, for your love is[...]

Chapter 2

2. She is a lily among thorns! He’s an apple tree in the forest! Here he comes, leaping on[...]

Chapter 3

3. By night I looked for the one whom I loved. I brought him to my mother’s house. Behold,[...]

Chapter 4

4. You’re beautiful, my love! Your eyes are like doves, and your breasts are like fawns.[...]

Chapter 5

5. My beloved is knocking! I opened the door, but he’d gone. The guards found me and[...]

Chapter 6

6. Where has your beloved gone? He’s gone to his garden. You’re beautiful, my love! Fair[...]

Chapter 7

7. Your thighs are like jewels, and your breasts are like palm fruit. May your kisses be[...]

Chapter 8

8. Do not awaken love until it pleases. Love is as strong as death. Solomon had a vineyard,[...]

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