Satan attacks a righteous man called Job. Job goes through so much torment and, together with



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Chapter 1

Job is a rich man from UZ with seven sons and three daughters. Satan meets God and asks for[...]

Chapter 2

Satan was not done and struck Job with boils to which his wife advised him to curse God. Job was[...]

Chapter 3

Job cursed the day he was born and wished it could be consumed in darkness, and he’d have died[...]

Chapter 4

Eliphaz thinks that Job could be guilty of some sin since no innocent person suffers like that. He[...]

Chapter 5

Eliphaz advises Job that people bring trouble on themselves and encourages him to turn to God. He[...]

Chapter 6

Job tells his friends that his grief cannot be weighted and laments his weaknesses. His friends are[...]

Chapter 7

Job relates his suffering to that of a futile, discouraging work of a servant with no hope or[...]

Chapter 8

Bildad rebukes Job and says his children must have sinned for all his troubles. Job says that we[...]

Chapter 9

Job grows desperate and says, “How can a man dispute with God? He has vast power but continues to[...]

Chapter 10

Job continues to question God, asking him why he rejects his own creation. “You know I’m not[...]

Chapter 11

Zophar said,” God exacts less from you than your iniquity deserves. Can you search out the deep[...]

Chapter 12

Job dismisses Zophar’s wisdom and claims that all creation knows of God’s power. God[...]

Chapter 13

Job wants to argue his case with God. “Though He slays me, I will still hope in him. God, why do[...]

Chapter 14

Job complains of man’s frailty which he compares to that of a flower. It comes and fades but can[...]

Chapter 15

Eliphaz says that Job is accused by his own words and is arrogant. He says, “Were you born[...]

Chapter 16

Job told his friends, “You’re miserable comforters! God has torn and shattered me. However, my[...]

Chapter 17

Job continues, “My spirit is broken! He has made me a byword. All of you will not help me. Where[...]

Chapter 18

Bildad is offended by Job’s criticism and tells him that the wicked suffer and their memory[...]

Chapter 19

Job continues to complain, saying, “For how long will you torment me? God sees me as an enemy,[...]

Chapter 20

Zophar said, “The triumph of the wicked is short-lived, and his food will turn sour in his[...]

Chapter 21

Job countered him by saying that the wicked prospers and live to old age.

Chapter 22

Eliphaz told Job, “IS not your wickedness great? You withheld bread and water from the hungry.[...]

Chapter 23

Job is ready to present his case to God, but where would he find God? Job asserts his own[...]

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