The city of Jerusalem is in ruins, so Nehemiah rebuilds the walls around the city.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Nehemiah hears how the Jews are struggling to rebuild the temple. He fasts and prays to God and[...]

Chapter 2

Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem a sad man to help rebuild it. He returns with the royal permission,[...]

Chapter 3

The gate and wall of Jerusalem are built by the priests, Levites, and the Jewish people. The[...]

Chapter 4

The Ammonisye, Tobiah, and Sanballat mock the Jews as they rebuild Jerusalem and Nehemiah prays to[...]

Chapter 5

Some Jews have to eat, borrow money, and mortgage their homes to pay taxes due to financial woes,[...]

Chapter 6

Sanballat sends an invite to Nehemiah, intending to kill him but fails. He spreads rumors that[...]

Chapter 7

Nehemiah orders that Jerusalem be guarded. Leaders, priests, singers, Levites, and animals who[...]

Chapter 8

Ezra reads the new rules in Jerusalem with teachers on standby to educate the people. The Jews[...]

Chapter 9

The Jews gather to repent, read the law, hear Israel’s history and deliverance from Egypt, and[...]

Chapter 10

A list of people to sign the covenant is provided. More laws to be obeyed, including no selling[...]

Chapter 11

A tenth of the leaders live in Jerusalem and the rest in other cities. The distribution of the[...]

Chapter 12

The records of Levites, priests, and temple duties are provided. The wall of Jerusalem is dedicated[...]

Chapter 13

The law is read stipulating that no Moabites or Ammonites shall come into the temple. Nehemiah[...]

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