After years in captivity, the Israelites returned from Babylon in three different groups and rebuilt the temple in Jerusalem, and a scribe named Ezra taught the people how to obey the Lord’s laws and festivities once again.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Emperor Cyprus of Persia allows and helps Judah rebuild Jerusalem and the temple. This is in[...]

Chapter 2

Israelites return to Jerusalem and Judah from Babylon led by Zerubbabel. The returnees are listed,[...]

Chapter 3

The Jerusalem temple altar is rebuilt in the seventh month on its original foundation. Offerings[...]

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Judah’s enemies offer to help rebuild the temple, but Zerubbabel refuses. The Samaritans write[...]

Chapter 5

Zechariah and Haggai implore the people to resume the rebuilding of the temple, and it does. The[...]

Chapter 6

Emperor Darius finds Cyrus' decree and orders the rebuilding to continue. The temple is finished,[...]

Chapter 7

Ezra gains Artacerxe’s favor and returns to Jerusalem from Babylon. Artaxerxes commands Ezra to[...]

Chapter 8

Ezra writes in person a list of all the people who accompanied him to Jerusalem. He does not[...]

Chapter 9

Some Jews marry non-Jews, and Ezra grieves, prays to the Lord publicly, confesses their sins,[...]

Chapter 10

A meeting is summoned about marrying foreign women. Shechaniah proposes an agreement to put away[...]

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