2 Samuel

David, a man of God’s favour and own heart, becomes the new King of Israel.

chapter 1

chapter 1

An Amalekite man informs David that he killed Saul in battle. Distraught, David kills the Amalekite[...]

chapter 2

David is anointed as the new king of Judah while Abner makes Ishbosheth, the son of Saul, the king[...]

chapter 3

David bore six sons with various wives. Ishbosheth and Abner had a fight after the former accused[...]

chapter 4

Ish-bosheth lost his heart, and his captains Baanah and Rechab killed him and took his head to[...]

chapter 5

All Israelite elders recognized David as king, and after six years and six months, David moved to[...]

chapter 6

David transports the ark to Jerusalem with 30,000 men, and when Uzzah touches the ark to steady[...]

chapter 7

Israel remains peaceful, and David wants to build a temple for the Lord. Through prophet Nathan,[...]

chapter 8

David captures Metheg Ammah from the Philistines and rules over Moab, the Syrians of Damascus, and[...]

chapter 9

David got wind of Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth, who was lame. He restores Saul’s land to[...]

chapter 10

David sends his ambassadors to Hanun, the king of Ammon. The ambassadors are humiliated, and the[...]

chapter 11

During the war, David notices Uriah’s wife Bathsheba bathing and makes her pregnant. To cover[...]

chapter 12

Nathan gave a parable questioning why David had done evil. David pleaded with God, and although he[...]

Chapter 13

Ammon, David’s son, is infatuated with his half-sister Tamar. Jonadab, Ammon’s friend, advises[...]

Chapter 14

Joab sent a wise woman to request David to allow Absalom back. David does not allow Absalom to see[...]

Chapter 15

Absalom gains favor among the Israelites and starts judging them. He goes to Hebron, his power[...]

Chapter 16

Mephibosheth’s servant Ziba brings supplies to David and informs him that Mephibosheth is in[...]

Chapter 17

Ahithophel advises Absalom to go after David with 12,000 men, while Hushai advises against this.[...]

Chapter 18

David puts captains Joab, Abishai, and Ittai as his captains. Absalom’s forces are defeated in[...]

Chapter 19

King David mourned for Absalom, and Joab rebukes him. David appoints Amasa as captain in place of[...]

Chapter 20

Sheba leads the Israelites to rebel against David. David isolated the concubines that had lay with[...]

Chapter 21

There was a great famine in Israel because Saul had killed some Gibeonites. David offers seven[...]

Chapter 22

David composes a hymn after God saved him from his enemies- The Lord is my rock, fortress, and[...]

Chapter 23

David’s last words were, “My house is secure with the Lord.” Rulers must be just, and faith[...]

Chapter 24

David made a census which angered God. God gave him three choices as punishment; seven years of[...]

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