2 Kings

Both kingdoms turn away from God and ignore him and his prophets. Eventually, they both fall

chapter 1

chapter 1

Moab, which was ruled by Israel since the time of David, rebels after Ahab dies. Ahaziah sends a[...]

Chapter 2

Elisha follows Elijah, and his followers are referred to as the sons of the prophets. Elijah[...]

Chapter 3

Jehoshaphat and Jehoram join forces and fight against the Moabites. Elisha prophesies victory for[...]

Chapter 4

Elisha performs miracles, and a widow’s jar of oil is filled with a lot of oil which she sells[...]

Chapter 5

Namaan, a Syrian army commander, gets leprosy, and Elisha advises him to wash in the river Jordan[...]

Chapter 6

The sones of the prophet build themselves a bigger house. While cutting down a tree on river[...]

Chapter 7

Elisha prophesies that food prices will go down the following day. Four leprous men surrender to[...]

Chapter 8

The Shunammite woman who had been restored to life by Elisha earlier is advised to leave Israel for[...]

Chapter 9

Elisha summons a prophet’s son to anoint Jehu, Jehoshaphat's son, as king of Israel. The Lord[...]

Chapter 10

Jehu forces Jezreel to murder all Ahab’s seventy sons and Ahaziah’s forty-two brothers. At[...]

Chapter 11

Athaliah, Ahaziah’s mother, kills all Ahaziah’s heirs and reigns. Jehoshena, King Joram’s[...]

Chapter 12

Joash rules Jerusalem for 40 years and follows God’s rules, rebuilds the temple. He gives the[...]

Chapter 13

Jehoahaz, Jehu’s son, rules Israel and does evil. He is delivered into Syria’s hands and dies.[...]

chapter 14

Joash’s son Amaziah reigns and does good though he does not eliminate the high places. Amaziah[...]

Chapter 15

Azariah rules for fifty-two years and does right but does not remove the high places. He dies a[...]

Chapter 16

Ahaz reigns in Israel for sixteen years and dies evil by offering human sacrifice with fire to[...]

Chapter 17

Hoshea reigns in Israel for nine years but disobeys God. Hoshea is imprisoned by Assyria after[...]

Chapter 18

Hezekiah reigns in Judah, does good, obeys God, and removes the high places, destroying Moses’[...]

Chapter 19

Hezekiah turns to Isaiah for advice, who informs him that Sennacherib will be defeated and killed[...]

Chapter 20

Hezekiah falls ill and is instructed by God through Isaiah to put his house in order before dying.[...]

Chapter 21

Manasseh reigns in Judah for fifty-five years, rebuilds the high places, and worships false gods.[...]

Chapter 22

Josiah became king at only eight years. He is a good king and rebuilds the temple. Hilkiah, the[...]

Chapter 23

Josiah reads the book of the law to Judah, and Josiah is set a clear program of religious reform.[...]

Chapter 24

Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, makes Jehoiakim his vassal, and Judah is attacked by raiders from[...]

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