1 Kings

The kingdom of Israel goes through a period of peace and prosperity under Solomon’s reign. However, the kingdom splits, and the two lines of Israel and Judah turned away from God.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

David grew old, and his son Adonijah proclaimed himself as King. David was not happy with this,[...]

Chapter 2

David commanded Solomon to keep the Deuteronomic law and covenant and kill Shimei and Joab for[...]

Chapter 3

Solomon made a treaty with Egypt and married Pharaoh’s daughter. Solomon asked God for wisdom to[...]

Chapter 4

Solomon had officials and 12 governors. Israel and Judah had peace and prosperity under Solomon’s[...]

Chapter 5

Solomon plans to build the temple of the Lord and requests Hiram, the king of Tyre, for cedar wood[...]

Chapter 6

Solomon builds the temple with the design, dimensions, and method of construction clearly[...]

Chapter 7

Solomon builds his house, which takes thirteen years to complete. The house included beveled[...]

Chapter 8

The Ark of the Covenant is brought into the new temple, and Solomon summons the Israelites to[...]

Chapter 9

God answers Solomon’s prayers, and the David covenant is reaffirmed conditionally. In return for[...]

Chapter 10

The Queen of Sheba pays Solomon a visit and brings great splendor to test Solomon with hard[...]

Chapter 11

Solomon has many foreign wives and concubines from countries God had forbidden. He also endorses[...]

Chapter 12

Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, is made the new king at Shechem. Rehoboam refused to reduce the labor[...]

Chapter 13

A man of God cries out to God against Jeroboam’s altar and prophesies of its destruction. The[...]

Chapter 14

Ahijah told Jeroboam’s wife that the Lord would sweep away Jeroboam’s house. Abijah became[...]

Chapter 15

Abijah rules Judah for three years and continues with his father’s sins. God tolerates him[...]

Chapter 16

Baasha rules for twenty years and does evil. After his death, God said he would destroy his house.[...]

Chapter 17

Elijah warned Ahab of a severe draught. Elijah stayed with a widow in Zarephath who was provided[...]

Chapter 18

Elijah visited Ahab and challenged the prophets of Baal. Baal gave no answer, but God answered[...]

Chapter 19

Jezebel threatens Elijah, who flees into the wilderness to die. An angel of the Lord provides him[...]

Chapter 20

Ben-hadad attacks Samaria and Israel defeated the Arameans twice. Ahab made a treaty with[...]

Chapter 21

Ahab asked Naboth to sell his vineyard, but he refused as it was an inheritance. Angry, Jezebel had[...]

Chapter 22

Jehoshaphat and Ahab planned for war, and Micaiah warned that he saw Israel scattered and that the[...]

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