The Lord saves the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and enters into a special relationship with them. The Ten Commandments are given, and the Lord’s tabernacle is built so that He can dwell among his people.

chapter 1

chapter 1

The children of Israel continue multiplying in Egypt. However, they're dreaded by a new King of[...]

chapter 2

Moses is born to a Levite family and is cast onto the river in an ark made of bulrushes. Pharaoh's[...]

Chapter 3

God calls Moses in the form of a burning bush at Mount Horeb. He is instructed to go to Pharaoh[...]

chapter 4

Moses is unsure and anxious that Pharaoh wouldn't listen to him, but God gives him the signs that[...]

Chapter 5

Moses asks Pharaoh to let the Israelites leave, but he adamantly refuses and instead increases[...]

Chapter 6

God assures Moses that he will deliver the Israelites and keep His covenant. However, the[...]

Chapter 7

God tells Moses that He will harden Pharaoh's heart so that he can multiply His wonders. Moses and[...]

chapter 8

The plague of frogs, the plague of lice, and the plague of flies came upon Egypt. Pharaoh ordered[...]

Chapter 9

God sends the plague of livestock, though the Israelites' livestock is not affected, the plague of[...]

chapter 10

Moses talks with Pharaoh, and a plague of locusts falls upon Egypt. Pharaoh repents, but his heart[...]

chapter 11

God instructs Moses to collect silver and gold from the Egyptians. Moses informs Pharaoh that all[...]

chapter 12

The Passover is conducted where all Egyptian firstborns are killed, and Pharaoh allows the[...]

chapter 13

God instructs the Israelites to consecrate their firstborns to him. The feast of the unleavened[...]

chapter 14

Pharaoh's heart is hardened again, and he pursues the Israelites, and the frightened Israelites[...]

chapter 15

The Israelites sing songs of victory led by Moses's sister Miriam. Bitter water is turned sweet at[...]

chapter 16

The Israelites started complaining to Moses that they had run out of food. God sends quails and[...]

chapter 17

The Israelites reach Rephidim, where they start complaining about the lack of water. Moses then[...]

chapter 18

Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, offered sacrifices to the Lord and advised Moses to delegate duties[...]

chapter 19

The Israelites camp at Mount Sinai, where Moses goes up to meet God on the Mountain. God spoke to[...]

chapter 20

God gives them the Ten Commandments, and the Israelites are afraid of God and are happy that they[...]

chapter 21

God speaks to Moses about the laws of slaves, killing, beating, striking, fighting, hurting, and[...]

chapter 22

God speaks to Moses of theft, restitution, borrowing, trespassing, sorcerers, betrothal, loans,[...]

chapter 23

God speaks to Moses's laws of justice, 7th day, 7th year, three annual festivals, and other gods.[...]

chapter 24

Moses builds an altar at the Mountain's base and makes a sacrifice, after which he sprinkles blood[...]

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