Joshua, the new Israel leader, leads the Israelites to conquer the Promised Land. After the conquest, he leads the parcelling out of territories between the twelve tribes of Israel.

chapter 1

chapter 1

God speaks to Joshua and commands him to lead the Israelites. He tells them to be strong and[...]

chapter 2

Joshua sent two spies to Jericho, and a prostitute by the name of Rahab hid them, and they promised[...]

chapter 3

The Israelites follow the ark at a distance which leads the way. God instructs Joshua that when[...]

chapter 4

God orders Joshua to instruct a man from each tribe to take a stone from where the priests stood.[...]

chapter 5

The Amorites and Canaanites become fearful, and the Israelites born in the wilderness have not[...]

chapter 6

Jericho is shut up in defense behind a fortified wall. God instructs Joshua to march the army[...]

chapter 7

Achan takes some accursed items against God's orders. Joshua sends spies up to Ai, and they advise[...]

chapter 8

God instructs Joshua to take the city of Ai, and he leads the Israelites to capture and conquer[...]

chapter 9

Kings to the west of Jordan join forces to fight Israel. The Gibeonites dress shabbily with moldy[...]

chapter 10

Joshua leads the Israelites against the forces of the southern kings of Jerusalem, Eglon, Jarmuth,[...]

chapter 11

Jabin, the king of Hazor with numerous kingdoms in the north, fight against the Israelites. Joshua[...]

chapter 12

The list of Kingdoms defeated by the Israelites is given, starting with the many on the east of[...]

chapter 13

Joshua is now old, but God reassures him there is much land to be conquered. The land would be[...]

chapter 14

The land of Canaan is divided among the tribes of Israel. Caleb and the children of Judah request[...]

chapter 15

The definition of the land allocated to the tribe of Judah. However, the Jebusites remain in[...]

chapter 16

The land allocation to the children of Joseph is defined separately for Ephraim and Manasseh. The[...]

chapter 17

Manasseh's and Ephraim's territories are defined and expanded. They complained that the land[...]

chapter 18

The Israelites assembled at Shiloh and set up the Tabernacle. Seven tribes lack inheritance, and[...]

chapter 19

Simeon, Zubulun, Issachar, Asher, Naphtali, and Dan are given land. Dan's land is expanded after[...]

chapter 20

Golan, Ramoth, Bezer, Kirjatharba, Shechem, and Kadesh are appointed as the cities of refuge for[...]

chapter 21

The Levites are given forty-eight cities and their common-lands from other tribes as an[...]

chapter 22

Reuben, Gad, and half Manasseh go back to the east of Jordan with Joshua's blessing, where they[...]

chapter 23

The Israelites rest for a long time. Joshua becomes old and reminds the leaders about following[...]

chapter 24

Joshua gathers all the tribes at Shechem and tells the story of the journey from Egypt to Canaan.[...]

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