Moses gives the Israelites instructions on how to love and obey the Lord in the Promised Land. This is a recap of the laws given in Exodus.

chapter 1

chapter 1

The history of the Israelites. He talked of how they defeated the Amorites, the appointment of the[...]

chapter 2

The history of the Israelites, passing through Edom, Moab, Kadesh Barnea, and Ammon. He also[...]

chapter 3

The history of Israel: The defeat of Og King, Reubenites, Gadites, and half Manasseh were given[...]

chapter 4

Obedience Commanded 4 Now, Israel, hear the decrees and laws I am about to teach you. Follow them[...]

chapter 5

Moses recounts how God spoke to Moses and made a covenant with the Israelites. The Ten[...]

chapter 6

Moses recounts: Keep, remember and teach God's commands, love God with all your heart, don't[...]

chapter 7

Moses speaks to the Israelites that they should not make agreements with foreign nations; God[...]

chapter 8

God had tested and humbled the Israelites by subjecting them to 40 years in the wilderness. God[...]

chapter 9

The battles ahead will be difficult, but the Lord will lead them as a consuming fire. God granted[...]

chapter 10

Moses speaks to the Israelites and recounts the tables of the stone that replaced the smashed ones,[...]

chapter 11

Moses recounts God's greatness in Egypt and against Dathan and Abiram. He recounts the good things[...]

chapter 12

Moses speaks to the Israelites about destroying other nations' gods and that God should be[...]

chapter 13

Moses speaks to the Israelites and reminds them of the commands regarding false worship, false[...]

chapter 14

Moses speaks to the Israelites: They should not shave their heads during morning rituals like the[...]

chapter 15

Moses informs the Israelites that all debts should be canceled after seven years. They are[...]

chapter 16

Moses tells the Israelites that they should observe the Passover and consume unleavened bread.[...]

chapter 17

The sacrifices are to be without blemish, and worshipping idols is punishable by stoning. Three[...]

chapter 18

The inheritance of the Levites is stated, and from a normal sacrifice, the priests will get the[...]

chapter 19

Moses instructs that three refuge cities are to be founded and centrally located with easy access[...]

chapter 20

Israelites should not fear when they go to war as the Lord will always be with them. They should[...]

chapter 21

Moses speaks about the mystery death of which a heifer's neck should be broken and prayers offered.[...]

chapter 22

Moses speaks to the Israelites about lost property, various household rules, engagement, virginity,[...]

chapter 23

Ammonites and Moabites must not enter the assembly of the LORD, and when going to war, the camp[...]

chapter 24

Moses speaks to the Israelites on the laws regarding marriage, divorce, loans, leprosy,[...]

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