Israelites failed to trust and obey the Lord and wandered in the wilderness for 40 years.

chapter 1

chapter 1

God instructed Moses to count the Israelites who could go to war but exclude the Levites. The[...]

chapter 2

The Israelites camp around the Tabernacle with Judah to the easy, Ephraim to the west, Dan to the[...]

Chapter 3

Aaron's sons are appointed as the priestly tribe, and the census of his descendants is taken,[...]

chapter 4

The Levites are numbered according to families, and they are given instructions on how to pack the[...]

Chapter 5

The unclean and the lepers are to stay outside the camp. Any Israelite can take part in a sacrifice[...]

cheapter 6

Those who take a Nazarite vow to separate themselves unto the Lord. NO alcohol, no cutting hair or[...]

chapter 7

Moses anoints and sanctifies the Tabernacle and gives the main popular Levite families the items[...]

chapter 8

Moses and Aaron purify Levi's sons through sin and burnt sacrifices. During the occasion, the[...]

Chapter 9

The Israelites are to keep the Passover in the first month of the second year. Those who skip the[...]

chapter 10

Two silver trumpets are made so that the Levites can call the assembly to the Tabernacle. They are[...]

chapter 11

Israelites complain about the food that they only had Manna and nothing else. God scorches them[...]

chapter 12

Aaron and Miriam speak against Moses due to an Ethiopian girl he had married. God rebukes them and[...]

chapter 13

Moses sends out twelve Israelite spies into Canaan. After forty days, the spies return, and Caleb[...]

chapter 14

After the spies' reports, the Israelites murmur against Moses and long for Egypt. God forgives them[...]

chapter 15

God instructs Moses that the Israelites will offer different offerings upon reaching the Promised[...]

chapter 16

Korah, Dathan, and Abirahim rebel against Moses and claim all are holy, not just Moses and Aaron.[...]

chapter 17

Twelve rods representing each tribe are brought to the Tabernacle. The names of the tribes are[...]

chapter 18

God instructs Aaron about the Levites' duties in the Tabernacle. He informs them that they have no[...]

chapter 19

God describes Eleazar's sacrifice of a red heifer to Moses and Aaron. He also tells them the laws[...]

chapter 20

The Israelites move into the Zin wilderness, where Miriam dies. When Israelites complain of[...]

chapter 21

Israelites defeat King Arad, King Og, and the King of the Amorites. The Israelites, however,[...]

chapter 22

Balak fears the advancing Israelites and asks prophet Balaam to curse them. God warns Balaam that[...]

chapter 23

Balaam and Balak offer sacrifices, and Balaam seeks God's will. Against Balak's request, Balaam[...]

chapter 24

Balak is angry, but Balaam reminds him that "blessed is he who blesses you and cursed is he who[...]

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