About Us

About us

We are a collective of filmmakers, historians, members of clergy (pastors, rabbis, ministers, etc.), different denominations, who are committed to spreading the word of the bible.

In our travels and throughout our lives we discovered that so many people expressed interest in the bible, but never really had a chance to learn or understand the stories in a lasting and memorable way. People, young and old, didn't know much about the bible, and they didn't read it because it was challenging. And listening to the stories didn't seem to be enough either because there was no image to connect to. We noticed they lacked the information and the tools, and everyone seemed to be hungry for the knowledge and inspiration. People shared their desire to visit places that are referenced in the bible, but perhaps a lack of money or time prevented them from having the opportunity.

We saw the need and decided to embark on a journey of collecting images to use as powerful learning tools, but not just still images. It was important to us to film the locations and use the moving image to create a lasting impression. Re-enactments are entertaining, but filming different angles, aerial photography, and capturing hard to reach places made a huge difference in making learning exciting. The video camera could provide a perspective so unique, showing what we normally cannot see and take us to places we normally cannot physically experience.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping people all over the world learn the bible in a way not done before, where they can travel to the actual historical places and see them through the eyes of the camera, going from words on a page to a real place. We want to unite people, friends and family, and, through scripture, music, image and words, create a complete experience of the bible that they can take with them everywhere they go.