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Uncover the wonders of the Holy Land through inspiring visual adventures. Join our cinematic journey through all 66 books, guided tours, and daily inspiration.
Deepen your spiritual connection with the ORI - Vision of the Bible. Experience the Bible like never before !

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Where faith and history intertwine, unveiling the Holy Land's secrets through mesmerizing cinematic experiences.


Our team includes filmmakers, historians, and clergy from different denominations, all committed to sharing the wisdom of the Bible with everyone.

Discover the stories of all 66 books of the Bible like never before with our cinematic presentations. We make learning engaging and memorable by using moving footage, aerial shots, and beautiful locations. Join our guided tour series, Travel Samaritan, to virtually experience sacred sites like Jerusalem and Capernaum. We know how important it is to understand the Bible, so we've created a complete experience with scripture, music, images, and words. Whether you're young or old, our journey will deepen your faith and knowledge.

Come with us on this transformative quest to explore the Holy Land and connect with its timeless wisdom. Together, let's embark on a journey of faith and discovery that you can carry with you wherever you go. Start your adventure with ORI Vision of the Bible today and experience the power of the scriptures firsthand.

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Unravel the Bible's tales, chapter by chapter, with our cinematic presentations of all 66 books. Journey now!

Prayer As a Daily Habit

Cultivate the powerful practice of morning prayers.

Embracing gratitude and connecting with the divine in the early hours can set a positive tone for the entire day. Here, you will find a collection of heartfelt morning prayers carefully curated to inspire your spiritual journey. Each prayer is crafted to nurture a grateful heart, foster inner peace, and invite guidance for the day ahead. Take a moment each morning to pause, reflect, and offer your thoughts to the universe, a higher power, or the source of your faith. These moments of stillness and devotion can empower you, infusing your actions and decisions with purpose and clarity.

Start your day on a meaningful note by engaging in these morning prayers that echo the wisdom of ancient traditions and embrace the universal yearning for spiritual growth. May these prayers be a source of strength and solace as you walk through life with grace and gratitude. Embrace the beauty of each morning, and let your heart be filled with hope and positivity.

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Life-Changing Quotes

Empower your soul with motivational and inspiring Quotes. Inspire, uplift, and empower your journey with timeless truths.

Inspirational Prayer Quotes

Positive and Motivational Sayings to Inspire Your Spiritual Journey

Welcome to ORI's collection of Inspirational Prayer Quotes, meant to uplift your spirit and guide your spiritual journey. These positive sayings capture the essence of prayer and offer wisdom for your life. Each quote reminds us of the power of prayer to find comfort, seek guidance, and feel grateful. These words will inspire you during tough times and encourage you to stay connected to your faith.

Whether you need support, seek answers, or simply want to feel uplifted, these prayer quotes will provide motivation. Keep them close, reflect on them, and allow them to enrich your connection with the divine.

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Discover captivating stories that reflect the human experience. Explore life's wonders and timeless wisdom.

ORI's Daily Morning Prayers Audio

Designed to bring spirituality to your mornings effortlessly.

Welcome to ORI's Daily Morning Prayers Audio, where you'll find soul-nourishing meditations. With our wide range of audio prayers, you can easily access soul-nourishing meditations, chants, and reflections. Start your day with peace and purpose as you listen to heartfelt prayers that uplift your soul. Whether you prefer moments of silence or guided prayers, our collection suits your spiritual preferences.

We believe in the power of auditory inspiration, and our prayers are carefully chosen to provide a meaningful experience. Listen while sipping your morning coffee, on your commute, or during moments of reflection - let our Daily Morning Prayers Audio be your companion in seeking spiritual connection. Begin each day with tranquility and devotion, and let our audio prayers guide you to inner peace and spiritual growth.

Enjoy this effortless way to embrace spiritual moments in your daily routine. Let our guided prayers be your daily inspiration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries about ORI's services and offerings. Your journey starts here.

ORI Vision of the Bible puts the Holy Land at your fingertips. Experience the places where Biblical history transpired, as they exist today. Experience the richness of the land, the people, and the many cultures that are expressed in and around the region. This website features: Cinematic presentations of each of the sixty-six books of the Bible, filmed over the course of seven years and artfully narrated; Audio-only versions of all sixty-six books; Travel Samaritan, a guided tour series of sacred sites and regions like Jerusalem and Capernaum; Daily Inspiration.

See the Subscription section for plan pricing.

Watch and listen on your smart phone, tablet, or computer using our website. You can also connect to your TV, just follow the proper instructions for your device. You may need additional hardware or cables or possibly an app that allows screen mirroring. Please check with your device instructions to accomplish this.

You may cancel any time, simply log into your account and cancel the service. You are welcome to come back to our community anytime and resume the service.

Your subscription entitles you to audio and video of the 66 Books of the Bible, listen to the narrations and read along with the subtitles. In addition, enjoy the Travel Samaritan section and see the places referenced in the Bible as well as interesting travel locations. It's a great way to experience the Holy Land if you cannot physically travel to those places at this time. Also receive daily quotes that you can share with friends and family.

We currently have limited correspondence and support by email only. Please email us if you need assistance at [email protected] and allow up to 24 hours for response. We will make every effort to assist you in a timely manner.

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